Fishing Resources

Inflatable Paddler


Check out for all your paddlesports needs! Make sure to take a look at a great new resource: FREE guide listing of all the country's best fishing guides and charters by state.  Reag's Guide Service is featured in the Illinois section - pg. 71!  

Big Red's Bait & Tackle


Check out Big Red's Bait & Tackle in Springfield, IL and at for all your bait & tackle needs!  Big Red's is a sponsor of Reag's Guide Service and provides fishing trips with quality tackle!  

Brush Pile Fish Attractant/Slab Stix


Check out for fish attractant and slab stix!  Best attractant for crappie and bass, this stuff really works! Lightweight rod, good sensibility and backbone. Brush Pile is a sponsor of Reag's Guide Service.

The Original Vanilla Bug Spray


Check out to order the best bug spray in the U.S.! This spray is made from all natural ingredients, has no deet and with multiple scents, it smells great, too!  The Original Vanilla Bug Spray is a sponsor of Reag's Guide Service and keeps those annoyings bugs away on our trips!

ACC Crappie Stix


Check out for quality rods ranging from 8 ft to 16 ft in length!  Rods that will meet all your crappie fishing needs and are great for vertical jigging.  ACC Crappie Stix is a sponsor of Reag's Guide Service, providing durable rods for each trip!

Other Fishing Resources


Check out the following online and magazine resources for all sorts of fishing information.  Be sure to check out articles and fishing reports from Reag's Guide Service found in these three great resources!

Fishing Resources

Empire Fishing


Great fishing apparel for all ages. This is the clothing apparel company that Reag uses on most of his fishing trips but also in his everyday life. He is also the Youth Director for Empire Fishing. To get all the latest and greatest gear, check out the website below.

Charlie Brewer Slider Co.


Everybody who knows Reag knows that his favorite plastics to use for crappie and white bass are Charlie Brewer Slider Grubs. Helpful hint: his favorite color is baby bass with a chartreuse tail.